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Sun Ridge Community Playground

Hi Sun Ridge Residents:

It has been discovered that some bars of our community playground fence have been bent and broken.

Please be reminded that the playground is for the community.

It is very costly to repair and replace these broken and bent bars. We know it is a challenging time for ALL! We also understand it is extremely difficult having to change your lifestyles and not be able to use your amenities.

Let’s be a community that continues to care and takes pride in our community property. We are currently following state guidelines and hope all can understand. 

Thank you

Keeping Our Community Clean

Hi Sun Ridge Residents,

As we spend more time outdoors, with warmer weather, we kindly ask that you dispose of any masks, gloves, or wipes in the trash receptacles, which are placed around the community.

Please help to keep our community clean and safe.

Thank You

No Fishing in the Pond

Hi Sun Ridge Residents:

There is no fishing at the pond. We have noticed that some people are taking it upon themselves to go fishing and may not have seen the posted signs.

There are wires running through and at the edge of the pond, which support the fountain and pumps and can be very dangerous if caught onto a fishing hook.

Please enjoy your community pond safely.

Thank you

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