90 Day Transition to TownSq

Dear Homeowners,

Since becoming your management company in September 2019, we introduced you to Townsq – a communication platform which is accessible via web browser and mobile app and designed to improve communication between the Board, Associa, and members of the SROA.

TownSq provides numerous benefits and capabilities, including:

  • Making electronic payments for monthly dues
  • Submitting general inquiries or ACC modification request forms
  • Accessing various documents
  • Receiving text and email notifications about various Sun Ridge office and community matters
  • Voting for winners of holiday contests

We have found that TownSq is more cost-effective at providing the above benefits and offers a better way of communicating with the community than through other traditional methods, including mail and email. 

We have mailed and emailed several invitations on how you can register and transition to this new communication platform offered by your HOA. 

Going forward, TownSq will be the preferred communication method. Those that have not signed up will be granted an additional 90 days to register for Townsq. 

The current emails you receive outside of the Townsq post will discontinue as of April 30, 2021.

If you need assistance, please feel free to call me at 908-237-0994 or the Townsq Help Desk at 844-281-1728.