**Important Notice

Good Morning All,

1. Crack Fill, Seal Coating and Line Striping – This will be our last project this year and will begin on Tuesday September 26th, weather permitting. When your Court is done you will not be able to drive or walk on it for 24 hours after completion. The Courts will be accessible to vehicular and pedestrian traffic ONLY AFTER THE CONES AND BARRICADES HAVE BEEN REMOVED BY THE CONTRACTOR. Until that time, please stay off of the newly seal coated areas. I know that this is an inconvenience, but the work needs to be done. I spoke to the RaritanTownship Police and they are going to work with us on this project.

You will be able to park on one side of Sun Ridge Drive, Magnolia Trail and Sycamore Trail without getting ticketed.

You must park 50 feet from stop signs and do not block the fire hydrants. You may also use the Case, Mulberry and pool house tennis lots.

ALL cars must be out of the lots and driveways by 7:00 AM. This includes any vehicles that you will need to use within the 48 Hour work and drying times.

If you have cars that you have not moved and they are disabled, please make sure to get them out or they will be towed.

The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday September 26th – Poplar Court, Willow Court and Larch Court.
Thursday September 28th – 1/2 of Spruce Court (Left Side) and 1/2 of Locust Court (Left Side)
Monday October 2nd. – Apple Court, Almond Court, and Cypress Court.
Wednesday October 4th – Remainder of Spruce Court (Right Side) and the remainder of Locust Court (Right Side)
Friday October 6th – Peach Court and Maple Court.
Monday October 9th – Olive Court, Linden Court, 1/2 of Elm Terrace ( Right Side) from the first entrance past the pond.
Tuesday October 10th – Dogwood Circle, Hemlock Court and Fir Court.
Wednesday October 11th – Remainder of Elm Terrace (Left Side) from #1 Elm Terrace, Holly Court and Plum Court.
Thursday October 12th – Portion of Walking Paths.
Friday October 13th – Remaining Portion of Walking Paths and the Pool House parking lot.
With this project, if it rains the day your court is scheduled to be completed, you will not be done the next day. We will continue to maintain the schedule throughout the project. Once all work is completed on the schedule, any Courts that were delayed due to weather will be rescheduled at the end of the schedule. You will be re-notified when your court will be done.

2. Tot Lots – Unfortunately since the tot lots have been completed, neighboring communities are using our tot lots, letting their dogs on them and throwing garbage all over and this is not fair to you as Sun Ridge home owners who have funded this project. So beginning on Friday September 22nd the lot will be locked. As with the tennis keys please bring me a copy of your drivers license and I will issue a key. Also be advised that a fence has been ordered for the second tot lot and that will also be locked but the 1 key will access both lots. Keys are available now. You may get the keys today, Thursday and  Friday. The office will be closed tomorrow Wednesday September 20th.

3. Inspections And Violations – As you know I have been doing inspections and sending violation letters. This is to keep Sun Ridge looking the best Community in Hunterdon County and keeping your property values up so that Sun Ridge is a desirable place to live.
Thank you to all who are complying. If you have not complied or notified me for an extension, etc. you will be fined.
So please comply and be understanding that this is for your community.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,
Have a great day.

Debbie Haraburda, Community Manager